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Photography: TasveerSaz Beta Site Launched.

November 27, 2008

Finally, after so much of waiting we have launched TasveerSaz’s new site. Rightnow, the site is in beta stage.
A new gallery has been added to the collection, named “Mehshar”. It contains photography out of film camera without any digital manipulations.

A new feature of Ordering Photographs will be available shortly.

TasveerSaz: Duo of Photographers



What is TasveerSaz ?
TasveerSaz is a duo of photographers. A group of two individuals who use photography as a medium for their expression. The people in TasveerSaz use the lens of the camera for their aesthetic endeavors.

Thinking critically of its own work, TasveerSaz tries to make each of their tasveers better than the previous one. TasveerSaz wishes to explore different methods of photography. Documentation of life, emotion and culture is what you’ll find in our work. TasveerSaz; for its members is a journey in which they discover life on a different level.

Happy TasveerSazING =)